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We're a Swiss health-native creative agency, and part of The Bloc global network. We go beyond campaigns, using medical expertise and behavioural science to engage healthcare professionals and patients. Our omnichannel journeys break barriers and change outdated beliefs, combining emotions and data to create lasting data change and impressive brand performance for pharmaceutical companies.


Pharma marketing and Strategy

In marketing, the only constant is change. A good strategy must rely on hard proof and experience but also be adaptive and flexible. At The Bloc in Switzerland, our team of pharma-marketing specialists can either independently establish or support you in creating brand plans, omnichannel journeys and data strategies.

Omnichannel strategies

The Bloc in Switzerland can partner with you on all aspects of your omnichannel marketing. Together we'll start by developing your strategic omnichannel plan based on data, not just on feelings. But we won't stop at the strategy. We will help you walk the talk and implement your strategy. From assigning HCPs to a persona to creating emotional and impactful messages, we're with you every step of the way.

Medical strategies

Most marketeers struggle to integrate data into their strategic planning because of a lack of access to easy-to-digest data.
At the beginning of any strategic planning and project, we help you think about data. Gather existing data from all your sources, for you and present them in a easy-to-interpret dashboards. We enable you to make data-driven decisions, track your performances and optimize on the fly.

Data strategies

Most marketers struggle to integrate data into their strategic planning because they lack access to easily digestible data.
We help you think about data and define your KPIs and conversion targets at the start of any strategic planning project. We collect data from all your sources and present it in easy-to-interpret dashboards. We enable you to make data-driven decisions, track your performance and optimise on the fly.


Strategy & Marketing

Medical strategy and MedComs

If pharmaceutical and medtech companies must have a clear separation between marketing and medical, a good healthcare medcom agency should do the exact opposite. At The Bloc in Switzerland, our medical specislists combine medical background with marketing flair to make the most of both worlds and create emotional, accurate, and memorable medical communications.

Medical strategies

Our medical specialists will be happy to be your medical sparring partner to develop medical strategies for your brands. Get in touch today with us to see how we can support your medical workshops, editorial planning, and KoL management

Medical communications

Why should medical rhyme with monotonal?

At The Bloc in Switzerland, we know that 95% of the decisions are subconscious. Our medical communications are scientifically sound and emotional. We apply behaviour-based communication to medical writing to ensure that our messages are memorable and reach the right part of your customer’s brain.

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Medical watch — fresh medical content

Your medical department is busy?

Every month or quarter, let us ensure that you get the latest scientific publications related to the topics of your choice. You will always have fresh medical content for your newsletters, emails, and promotional materials.

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Medical referencing

All our medical communications are based on high-value scientific publications. We handle the medical referencing (incl. Veeva Vault PromoMats) and medical, legal, and regulatory reviews for you.

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Bringing to life vibrant brand identities and compelling messages that will echo in an HCP’s memory

At The Bloc in Switzerland, we believe in the power of storytelling, exquisite visuals, and the connection of distinctive brand elements. Harnessing these elements is what distinguishes us as a creative agency. Our devoted team of creative professionals are industry pioneers, designing distinctive brand identities for our clients in the pharmaceutical field through all-encompassing brand communications services.

Corporate identity / corporate design — the essence of your success

A brand is far more than just a name or a logo—it stands as a powerful representation of your corporate mission, values, and uniqueness. Our force lies in sculpting unique, impactful, and memorable visual identities that echo your company's core essence. Guided by your vision, we conceptualise and create brand visuals, logos, and taglines designed to not just resonate with your audience but to stay anchored in their memory.

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Brand Identity

At The Bloc in Switzerland, we bring life to your pharmaceutical brand through our compelling brand identity services. We create distinct brand visuals, craft unique logos, and create impactful taglines specifically tailored to the pharma industry. We understand that in a sector dominated by scientific details, what resonates most is the human and emotional element. Thus, our scientific narratives embody the lives touched and the impacts made. We blend this soulful narrative with visually arresting imagery to provide a brand communication truly capable of influencing your audience.

Creative concepts and communications

At The Bloc in Switzerland, creative thinking is at the heart of everything we do. We take that spark of inspiration and turn it into something captivating and memorable, taking your pharmaceutical communication to a whole new level. Our team includes both creative artists and marketeers who collaborate to find unique solutions that are not only relevant and effective but backed by science, too. We unlock powerful experiences designed to capture your customers' attention like no other. Let us help you bring your vision to life through creative innovation!

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Data analysis and visualisation

Our selected partners are experts in data analysis and visualisation.Data analysis and visualisation can close the gap between "my gut feelings tell me it was a successful campaign" and "I have got a promotion based on the proven results reached by my campaign". With proven KPIs, you can argue for more brand budget, improve your brand results, and increase your ROI.

Data visualisation

In one click, get access to all your campaign data from all sources (website, CRM, social media, Google display, etc.) in an easy-to-interpret dashboard. From there we can recommend quick fixes to optimise your brand campaigns.

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Having a website not SEO optimised is like buying a Porsche without a motor. It's a nice display, but it will get you nowhere. Let our experts analyse your website and optimise its organic referencing in Google.

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Social media and disease awareness campaigns

Disease awareness campaigns are increasingly crucial as communications become more patient-centric, empowering patients to become active stakeholders in their own health care. Whether you aim to launch a comprehensive 360° disease awareness campaign or focus solely on social media, public campaigning isn’t simply about content sharing. Instead, it’s about sparking meaningful conversations, a language in which we are proficient.

Disease awareness campaigns

Crafting patient campaigns allows creative agencies like us to leverage a wider range of channels compared to when we target physicians. We devise innovative and visually stunning campaigns that are deployed across various platforms such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok), online advertisements and banners (Google Ads, Teads), outdoor media, landing pages, and Google search ads.

Furthermore, we have the capability to collaborate with influencers or top-tier content creators like artists and stand-up comedians, augmenting the reach and impact of our vibrant campaigns.

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Social media campaigns

Our social media campaign services are designed to drive target audience engagement, boost brand recognition, and stimulate meaningful dialogue around health and pharmaceutical topics. We create robust digital ecosystems focused on driving awareness, educating patients, and transforming them into active stakeholders in their own healthcare journey. Our compliance-conscious content resonates with your audience across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

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Dashboards, tracking, and KPIs

How many impressions, clicks, conversions should you aim for? With our tailored-made dashboards, you will be able to check your daily results and optimise your online campaigns.

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Social Media

Intuitive and highly engaging websites

At The Bloc in Switzerland, when we develop a website we focus on user experience, highly engaging content, tracking, and constant optimisation through behavioural communication strategies.


Ensure full security and encryption with HCP-gated websites (Unique login, DocCheck login, SwissRx login).

HCP gate

Fully compliant with GDPR and Swiss law

Our privacy expert ensures that cookie policy and content are fully compliant with GDPR and the new Swiss law. With fines up to 250k CHF, that should be a must-have for all your websites.

GDPR compliant websiteGDPR compliant website

UX based on neuroscience

How do you ensure high user engagement and experience? Our behavioural communications experts help you craft the right website architecture and storyflow.

Full service

Content, design, UX, programming. The Bloc in Switzerland does everything for you.

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Data and KPIs

Our data and privacy experts ensure that you can track user action and engagement as much as possible to fully integrate your website into omnichannel journeys.



Flexible eDetailing solutions

At The Bloc in Switzerland, we are experts in digital healthcare communications, delivering highly engaging content that shapes the beliefs and behaviours of healthcare professionals. Our blueprint lies in facilitating the seamless marriage between technology and compelling storytelling through digital detailing, or eDetailing.


eDetailing is a critical tool that emboldens our quest to transform healthcare professional interactions. By powerfully integrating interactive narrative interfaces, we’ve taken the concept of ‘eDetailing’ beyond traditional means.

Our approach to eDetailing is not one-size-fits-all. Rather, we craft bespoke strategies centering on the unique needs of each healthcare professional. This ensures impactful messaging that targets and influences their specific knowledge gaps, biases, and clinical practice.

We design our educational campaigns with a focus on constructive and consistent engagement. Influential content, rich in insights and clinical evidence, weaves storytelling that helps healthcare professionals connect, contextualize, and retain information more effectively.

Leveraging our eDetailing service, we strive to stimulate enriching dialogues between pharmaceutical representatives and healthcare professionals. This fosters an environment for open conversation, facilitating the exchange of meaningful information sweeping across all spectrums of healthcare.

More than a communication asset, a marketing tool

Marketing tool

Through our eDetailers we help you define personas and assign HCPs to a specific persona group to breathe life into your omnichannel plans.


Veeva CRM

The Bloc in Switzerland's eDetailing solutions are fully integrated into Veeva and other platforms including our exclusive omnichannel journey platform. This empowers them to dynamically adapt to professionals' product understanding and drive positive behavioural change.

Our solutions are aligned to effectively support remote detailing or in-person exchanges. With The Bloc in Switzerland, eDetailing becomes more than an interaction—it's a tool that helps drive change, enhance knowledge, and shape the future of healthcare.


Customer journey

An omnichannel journey is only effective if HCPs get tailored messages based on their beliefs and behaviours. Our eDetailing solutions are tailored by persona.

Your sale reps can adapt the eDA content with one click, based on a quick look at our omnichannel platform.



Omnichannel journeys — from theory to reality

Omnichannel strategies work wonders when they are actually implemented. At The Bloc, we transform omnichannel strategies into clearly defined, trackable actions that create integrated, compelling journeys for healthcare professionals and consumers. Our ambition is for each interaction to add value and address pain points, facilitating constructive change in beliefs and behaviours.

Omnichannel planning

online workshop

We work with various omnichannel models to help you plan your omnichannel journeys. We provide support each step of the way, from defining or refining personas, beliefs, behaviours, channels, and key messages, to mapping detailed step-by-step journeys with hero actions.

Our omnichannel workshops facilitate team brainstorms and enable quick team decisions.

How to make it real? With OMNIMAKER™

You've defined your omnichannel journey. You've determined that Dr Bloom is persona 1, and that you should send an email with key message 1a. If he opens it but doesn’t click on the CTA, you know you should follow-up with a sales rep visit with edetailer 1b. And so on.

It's a very good plan. But how can you ensure that you and your reps have correctly assigned Dr Bloom to the right persona? How do you ensure that the right email was sent. And how can you effortlessly remind your reps of the next step?

OMNIMAKER™, developed by MRT Solutions, is a customizable tool that simplifies omnichannel communication. It allows users to effortlessly design, implement, and evaluate omnichannel journeys. Create and track your hero actions to move your persona to another communication ladder.


Our omnichannel plaftorm fully integrates Veeva Vault PromoMats, CRM and CLM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, email solutions, websites, and many other platforms. So when you create an omnichannel plan, you can assign approved materials and key messages to each step.

And the bonus? Your sales rep gets automated notifcations of his/her next step (sending this Veeva-approved email (VAE), making a visit and detailing this specific eDetailer, etc.).


An omnichannel journey is only effective if HCPs get tailored messages based on their beliefs and behaviours.

Our eDetailing solutions are tailored by persona. Your sales reps can adapt the eDetailer content with one click, based on a quick look at our omnichannel platform.



Crafting stunning videos with engaging storytelling

27 years of creativity inform our video production. Our video artists paint on the canvas of the pharmaceutical industry with the vibrant colors of video and film. Our tools are not brushes and paint, but cinematography and storytelling of the highest caliber, while our in-house virtual production offers very competitive pricing.

Virtual production

With virtual production, you can bring any location into the studio. It allows us to merge the domains of reality and virtual to produce visuals with the grandeur of cinema and the cost-effectiveness of a minimalist setup. Realistic settings are recreated in the virtual recording environment. Actors can act directly and appear lifelike in these settings.

Virtual production eliminates the unpredictability of outdoor shoots. Planning becomes much easier, as the controlled environment of the studio is not subject to fluctuations in weather or lighting.

Name a video type. We are doing it

Our team is adept at creating a diverse spectrum of content – from two-dimensional narratives that draw the audience into our clients’ world, to three-dimensional pieces that take the viewer on a journey through endless dimensions. Our repertoire is vast — short movies that epitomise brevity and potency; corporate movies that embody the clients’ ethos; and compelling brand videos, social media videos, and tutorial videos that leave lasting impressions.


Videos & Films

Pharma events: a good party starts with the right show.

Whether it's a symposium, a congress presence, an internal event or virtual meeting, The Bloc in Switzerland has 27 years of experience in delivering an unforgettable show.
It is our job to make an emotional connection and share your passion and goals.

Online / hybrid events

Covid changed completely the way medical and pharmaceutical congresses and meetings take place. Organizing a virtual meeting usually means interaction with far too many stakeholders. Not with us. With e3meeting, we have unified creative imagination, moderator skills for motivation, and technical implementation under one roof.

We can support all your online and hybrid events: interactive meetings, live streaming and webinars, interactive exhibitions, and congresses.

Physical events

For over 27 years, The Bloc in Switzerland has been bringing people together to create unforgettable experiences through brand launches, symposiums, congresses, workshops, advisory boards, and team-building events. Our mission is simple: to connect humans with meaningful emotions. From the inspiring atmosphere of a congress or workshop to the playful excitement of a team-building activity – whatever your event may be—The Bloc in Switzerland will help you make it extraordinary!

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We are Veeva certified!

Most of our clients use Veeva Vault PromoMats, Veeva CRM, and Multichannel. We are fully certified in all Veeva products and can support your brand strategies and communications using Veeva tools.

Veeva Multichannel

Our Digital Team is certified and/or trained to create content for Multichannel Veeva CRM, including CLM, Engage Meeting, Approved Email, and Engage for Portals.

Vault Content Partner

Our medical specialists and account managers are certified and/or trained to support our healthcare clients with creating and managing their content in Veeva Vault PromoMats, including asset upload and referencing, review and approval support, and digital asset management.

Veeva Content Partner Full-Service

Veeva MyInsights

Our data experts are trained in Veeva MyInsights and can operate it in Veeva but also integrate Veeva MyInsights within our own proprietary dashboards, combining Veeva MyInsights with other data sources (social media, website, Google Analytics...).


Veeva full services

Intuitive and highly engaging digital strategies and assets

We flexibly blend our in-house consulting, content, and technical production expertise with your local digital/IT departments. Digital. A vast domain spanning countless technologies, channels, and professions. It can be difficult to know where to start. It starts with your objectives and their intersection with those of your audiences. Digital at The Bloc in Switzerland is rarely conducted in isolation, but as part of a campaign, a mission to change behaviours and beliefs, to tell stories with impact, to generate leads, to create, facilitate, and sustain transactions. Our digital consultants and technical, scientific, and marketing experts will come together to co-create this with you, to set the scene, to define the activities, to define the plan.

HCP and patient disease awareness websites

HCP-gated websites and disease awareness websites are central parts of any omnichannel campaigns.

The Bloc in Switzerland has succesfully created more than 15 HCP and patient websites. Content, design, user experience, and programming: we can create everything from A to Z in your own IT environment our in ours.

eDetailer and eDetailing solutions

Engage HCPs with our innovative and memorable eDetailing solutions. The true companion of your sales reps to impact HCPs beliefs & behaviours.

Emailing / Veeva-approved emails

Enable your Key Account Manager/reps to engage HCPs remotely through personalised communication. Fully integrated into our omnichannel plans, we work on A/B testing titles and subject lines and optimise whenever needed.

Web solutions and web apps

Medical or marketing registries. Fully tailored web platforms. Online calculators. We develop all types of solutions.


Digital Production