Flexible eDetailing solutions

At The Bloc in Switzerland, we are experts in digital healthcare communications, delivering highly engaging content that shapes the beliefs and behaviours of healthcare professionals. Our blueprint lies in facilitating the seamless marriage between technology and compelling storytelling through digital detailing, or eDetailing.


eDetailing is a critical tool that emboldens our quest to transform healthcare professional interactions. By powerfully integrating interactive narrative interfaces, we’ve taken the concept of ‘eDetailing’ beyond traditional means.

Our approach to eDetailing is not one-size-fits-all. Rather, we craft bespoke strategies centering on the unique needs of each healthcare professional. This ensures impactful messaging that targets and influences their specific knowledge gaps, biases, and clinical practice.

We design our educational campaigns with a focus on constructive and consistent engagement. Influential content, rich in insights and clinical evidence, weaves storytelling that helps healthcare professionals connect, contextualize, and retain information more effectively.

Leveraging our eDetailing service, we strive to stimulate enriching dialogues between pharmaceutical representatives and healthcare professionals. This fosters an environment for open conversation, facilitating the exchange of meaningful information sweeping across all spectrums of healthcare.

More than a communication asset, a marketing tool

Marketing tool

Through our eDetailers we help you define personas and assign HCPs to a specific persona group to breathe life into your omnichannel plans.


Veeva CRM

The Bloc in Switzerland's eDetailing solutions are fully integrated into Veeva and other platforms including our exclusive omnichannel journey platform. This empowers them to dynamically adapt to professionals' product understanding and drive positive behavioural change.

Our solutions are aligned to effectively support remote detailing or in-person exchanges. With The Bloc in Switzerland, eDetailing becomes more than an interaction—it's a tool that helps drive change, enhance knowledge, and shape the future of healthcare.


Customer journey

An omnichannel journey is only effective if HCPs get tailored messages based on their beliefs and behaviours. Our eDetailing solutions are tailored by persona.

Your sale reps can adapt the eDA content with one click, based on a quick look at our omnichannel platform.