Intuitive and highly engaging websites

At The Bloc in Switzerland, when we develop a website we focus on user experience, highly engaging content, tracking, and constant optimisation through behavioural communication strategies.


Ensure full security and encryption with HCP-gated websites (Unique login, DocCheck login, SwissRx login).

HCP gate

Fully compliant with GDPR and Swiss law

Our privacy expert ensures that cookie policy and content are fully compliant with GDPR and the new Swiss law. With fines up to 250k CHF, that should be a must-have for all your websites.

GDPR compliant websiteGDPR compliant website

UX based on neuroscience

How do you ensure high user engagement and experience? Our behavioural communications experts help you craft the right website architecture and storyflow.

Full service

Content, design, UX, programming. The Bloc in Switzerland does everything for you.

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Data and KPIs

Our data and privacy experts ensure that you can track user action and engagement as much as possible to fully integrate your website into omnichannel journeys.