Omnichannel journeys — from theory to reality

Omnichannel strategies work wonders when they are actually implemented. At The Bloc, we transform omnichannel strategies into clearly defined, trackable actions that create integrated, compelling journeys for healthcare professionals and consumers. Our ambition is for each interaction to add value and address pain points, facilitating constructive change in beliefs and behaviours.

Omnichannel planning

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We work with various omnichannel models to help you plan your omnichannel journeys. We provide support each step of the way, from defining or refining personas, beliefs, behaviours, channels, and key messages, to mapping detailed step-by-step journeys with hero actions.

Our omnichannel workshops facilitate team brainstorms and enable quick team decisions.

How to make it real? With OMNIMAKER™

You've defined your omnichannel journey. You've determined that Dr Bloom is persona 1, and that you should send an email with key message 1a. If he opens it but doesn’t click on the CTA, you know you should follow-up with a sales rep visit with edetailer 1b. And so on.

It's a very good plan. But how can you ensure that you and your reps have correctly assigned Dr Bloom to the right persona? How do you ensure that the right email was sent. And how can you effortlessly remind your reps of the next step?

OMNIMAKER™, developed by MRT Solutions, is a customizable tool that simplifies omnichannel communication. It allows users to effortlessly design, implement, and evaluate omnichannel journeys. Create and track your hero actions to move your persona to another communication ladder.


Our omnichannel plaftorm fully integrates Veeva Vault PromoMats, CRM and CLM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, email solutions, websites, and many other platforms. So when you create an omnichannel plan, you can assign approved materials and key messages to each step.

And the bonus? Your sales rep gets automated notifcations of his/her next step (sending this Veeva-approved email (VAE), making a visit and detailing this specific eDetailer, etc.).


An omnichannel journey is only effective if HCPs get tailored messages based on their beliefs and behaviours.

Our eDetailing solutions are tailored by persona. Your sales reps can adapt the eDetailer content with one click, based on a quick look at our omnichannel platform.