Crafting stunning videos with engaging storytelling

27 years of creativity inform our video production. Our video artists paint on the canvas of the pharmaceutical industry with the vibrant colors of video and film. Our tools are not brushes and paint, but cinematography and storytelling of the highest caliber, while our in-house virtual production offers very competitive pricing.

Virtual production

With virtual production, you can bring any location into the studio. It allows us to merge the domains of reality and virtual to produce visuals with the grandeur of cinema and the cost-effectiveness of a minimalist setup. Realistic settings are recreated in the virtual recording environment. Actors can act directly and appear lifelike in these settings.

Virtual production eliminates the unpredictability of outdoor shoots. Planning becomes much easier, as the controlled environment of the studio is not subject to fluctuations in weather or lighting.

Name a video type. We are doing it

Our team is adept at creating a diverse spectrum of content – from two-dimensional narratives that draw the audience into our clients’ world, to three-dimensional pieces that take the viewer on a journey through endless dimensions. Our repertoire is vast — short movies that epitomise brevity and potency; corporate movies that embody the clients’ ethos; and compelling brand videos, social media videos, and tutorial videos that leave lasting impressions.