Medical strategy and MedComs

If pharmaceutical and medtech companies must have a clear separation between marketing and medical, a good healthcare medcom agency should do the exact opposite. At The Bloc in Switzerland, our medical specislists combine medical background with marketing flair to make the most of both worlds and create emotional, accurate, and memorable medical communications.

Medical strategies

Our medical specialists will be happy to be your medical sparring partner to develop medical strategies for your brands. Get in touch today with us to see how we can support your medical workshops, editorial planning, and KoL management

Medical communications

Why should medical rhyme with monotonal?

At The Bloc in Switzerland, we know that 95% of the decisions are subconscious. Our medical communications are scientifically sound and emotional. We apply behaviour-based communication to medical writing to ensure that our messages are memorable and reach the right part of your customer’s brain.

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Medical watch — fresh medical content

Your medical department is busy?

Every month or quarter, let us ensure that you get the latest scientific publications related to the topics of your choice. You will always have fresh medical content for your newsletters, emails, and promotional materials.

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Medical referencing

All our medical communications are based on high-value scientific publications. We handle the medical referencing (incl. Veeva Vault PromoMats) and medical, legal, and regulatory reviews for you.

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