For our client we created the Swissbau 2020 event film reflecting the fair, the Swissbau Focus, and the Swissbau Innovation Lab. This film conveyed the core message “Swissbau tying it all together” and our movie message “From human to human.”

108 Partners

110 000 m²

1 Fair

Swissbau picture 1Swissbau picture 2Swissbau picture 3Swissbau picture 4Swissbau picture 5Swissbau picture 6Swissbau picture 7Swissbau picture 8Swissbau picture 9

110 000m² grounds. 902 exhibitors. 92 269 visitors. 5 days. 1 film crew.

Swissbau film screenshot 1Swissbau film screenshot 2Swissbau film screenshot 3

Our objective was to capture and portray the experiences the fair provides, showcasing the opportunities and network possibilities available.

Behind the scenes

Swissbau film - Behind the screen pictures