Brand launch campaign for a me-too antihistaminic (anti allergies) product in a very crowded market.

Our solution

The pathology may be disabling, but it is certainly not dramatic. Creative proposals could use humour as a means of communication that stands out.


High impact and differentiating brand campaign leading to high brand recognition.


A Swiss pharmaceutical company asked us to create a campaign for a new generic OTC drug. The antihistamine would be launched in an overcrowded market: 4 other companies were already selling the same molecule.

The campaign had to target both HCPs and patients and have no seasonal connotations because the drug covered a broad spectrum of allergies: symptomatic relief for conditions such as rhinitis, urticaria, chronic idiopathic urticaria, and other skin allergies.

The pharma company entrusted us with this project because it knew that The Bloc in Switzerland had the pharmaceutical, strategic, and creative skills to come up with an impactful and original campaign.

Around the campaign visuals, a mailer, product flyer for HCPs, giveaway, ads (for consumer magazines), and various POS supports (small stand, display packages, window posters) had to be developed.

Our solution

Allergies are a disabling condition that impairs quality of life. But they are certainly not a dramatic condition. With this in mind, we adopted a light-hearted, humorous approach and took the liberty of making fun of moments in life that could be ruined by symptoms.

Creation 1

In a mocking tone, but wishing to maintain empathy with allergy sufferers, we said to ourselves that "it's really not funny." That was our first first creative axis!

For this first version, and to attract attention, we decided to use strong, quirky, but above all, unexpected visuals. We used devices that could prevent the symptoms: masks.

Except that these masks are in fact turned into 'carnival' masks with elements of self-mockery. The mockery is corrected by the tagline "Allergies are really not funny...".

In this way, we play down a situation and make it light and easy by adding the tagline "...but you can handle it with a smile and [Drug Name]." These simple, impactful, and differentiating campaign visuals instantly identify the brand in the competitive landscape of this therapeutic area.

Creation 2

The difficulty of always needing to protect oneself from the consequences of allergies while still being able to enjoy time with friends gave rise to the extreme notion that allergy sufferers would need to live "in a suit." That was the second creative axis!

For this second proposal, what better than to use a 'mascot', a great representative of allergy sufferers. In this case, an astronaut wearing his spacesuit in everyday situations!

This clothing discrepancy perfectly illustrated the constraints experienced by allergy sufferers, who are forced to live in "another world," somewhat separated from the others.

The slogan "Your life could be much easier with [Drug Name]" is a reminder of how easy it is to return to a normal life thanks to the product.

This mascot is used in different scenes of life likely to cause allergies (pollen, animals, garlic, etc.).
The mascot, the comical situation, or the discrepancy is a strong lever of identification for the brand. Anyone can identify with these situations.


And the winner is...

The pharma company tested both creatives and selected the second proposal (astronaut). Market feedback has been excellent with a very high brand recognition and retention.